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«Immortality: Magic and Technology»

The international publishing house «PITM» has created a scientific medical journal «Immortality: Magic and Technology» (RU ISSN: 2787-6457, ENG ISSN: 2728-6546). You can learn publishing ethics here.

The modern world perfectly demonstrates to us the statement accuracy of Arthur C. Clarke, writer, scientist, futurist and inventor: «Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic». Nowadays, the material and spiritual world are coming into ever greater harmony, thereby erasing the boundaries of the impossible for us.
The journal «Immortality: Magic and Technology» is a peer-reviewed platform for discussions among experts and specialists, doctors and scientists from fundamental medicine, bioengineering and food technologies, philosophers, science popularizers, business and biohacking representatives on issues of technological body rejuvenation with subsequent life prolongation, methods of traditional and alternative medicine to achieve youth, longevity and immortality. In the publication, we will consider the practical application of new and long-forgotten technologies aimed at increasing human life expectancy, rejuvenation, improving physical and cognitive abilities to avoid possible risks.

We invite you to become the author of materials in the journal «Immortality: Magic and Technology». The planned release schedule is the following: every 25th day the journal releases in Russian, every 25th day of an even month it is released in English. The issue includes materials that have been successfully reviewed before the 20th of the current month.
The materials are published on a non-commercial basis after passing the re-evaluation, the procedure of which you can read here.

The papers proposed for publication should not be simultaneously submitted to other publications or have been previously published in other journals, collections or books.

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